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4/05/18: Post-doc 30 mois "Magneto-electric transducers for Spin Wave Computing"  

Post-doc position in C2N, for the multidisciplinary research project CHIRON, a project funded by the European Commission (H2020-FETOPEN)

Title: Magneto-electric transducers for Spin Wave Computing

Summary: The Post-Doc will design, fabricate, characterize and model magnetoelectric (ME) spin wave (SW) transducers in tight interaction with EU partners. ME transducers consist of coupled piezoelectric and magnetostrictive layers. The oscillating strain generated in the piezoelectric layer by an external RF excitation changes the magnetic anisotropy in the magnetostrictive material periodically and thus generates SWs. These SWs can propagate in a waveguide fabricated out of the same magnetostrictive material or can be transferred to a waveguide by exchange or dipole interactions. Taking advantage of mechanical resonances can enhance the coupling between electric and spin domains.
The post-doc researcher will develop scalable transducers based on NEMS nanoresonators. He/she will fabricate and electrically characterize such devices at RF frequencies and develop advanced spinwave waveguides for frequency multiplexing in inverters and majority gates. The key performance indicators for these logic gates will be evaluated including area, throughput/delay, power, noise margin, as well as the magnitude of the output signal.

Candidate’s profile: PhD degree in physics, material science or engineering, experimental experience in magnetism and/or piezoelectricity, interest in materials structuration (including nanofabrication)

Detailed Offer and presentation of the CHIRON project

Contact NanoSaclay: Sylvia Matzen, OXIDE Team, C2N

L. Krzaczkowski, 2018-05-04 00:00:00


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