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9 avril 2018: Offre de thèse "Ultrafast multiphotonic processes in plasmonic nanoparticles"   

Proposition de thèse, du projet EMPPROS, financé par le LabEx NanoSaclay dans le cadre de son appel à projets "Recherche" 2018

Title: Ultrafast multiphotonic processes in plasmonic nanoparticles

Summary: the main goal of the PhD is to study through experiments and modelling the fundamental physical and physico-chemical multiphotonic processes induced in and around gold nanoparticles by ultrashort laser pulses, as well as the role played by the plasmon mode in these processes.

The PhD student will carry out optical microscopy approaches (ultrafast transient absorption spectroscopy experiments to reveal the dynamics of electron ejection, fluorescence imaging to monitor the production of ROS). The student will also participate in part of photoelectron emission microscopy experiments in CEA/SPEC and in the numerical simulation of the processes. A partnership with a biomedical laboratory in St-Louis hospital (Paris) will allow us to determine in vivo the efficiency of our irradiated nanoparticles and to optimize a protocol for further therapies.

Student’s profile: The student may be specialized in nanophysics, with a solid background in solid-state and optical physics. She/he likes multidisciplinary scientific challenges.

Detailed Offer

Contact NanoSaclay: Bruno Palpant, LPQM

L. Krzaczkowski, 2018-04-09


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