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Seminaire NanoSaclay

Jeudi 19/01/2012, 14:00 

Magnetoresistance and spin-transfer torque in magnetic tunnel junctions

Dr. Shinji Yuasa

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology de Tsukuba


Seminaire NanoSaclay

Jeudi 17/05/2012, 11:30 

Porosity Evolution in Ni-based Single Crystals under Creep Loading Conditions

Alan Needleman

Department of Material Science and Engineering, University of North Texas


Seminaire NanoSaclay

du 07/06/2012 au 08/06/2012 

IEF Bât.220, Amphi. IEF, Université Paris-Sud / CNRS, Campus Orsa

Fluorescence sensing and imaging in nano-­biotechnology

Bilateral Ukrainian-French seminar


Seminaire NanoSaclay

Mardi 10/07/2012, 15:00 

Grand amphi de l'Institut d'Optique, Campus Polytechnique, 91 Palaiseau

Review procedures in "Nature Photonics"

Noriaki Horiuchi

Editeur de - Nature Photonics -


Seminaire NanoSaclay

Jeudi 15/11/2012, 11:00 

Bat Nano-Innov, p 1 Bât N1, Centre Nano-Innov, Plateau de Saclay, Palaiseau,

Novel materials and architectures for neural inspired algorithms and applications

Bryan L. Jackson

IBM Almaden Research Center



Seminaire NanoSaclay

Vendredi 16/11/2012, 14:00 

Bat Nano-Innov, p 1 Bât N1, Centre Nano-Innov, Plateau de Saclay, Palaiseau,

Memory effects in nanoscale systems: fundamentals and applications

Massimiliano Di Ventra

Département de Physique de L’UC San Diego


Seminaire NanoSaclay

Lundi 26/11/2012, 11:00 

Auditorium, 2 Av Fresnel, 91127 Palaiseau, Institut d'optique - Graduate School

Amplification and lasing with surface plasmons

Pierre Berini

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and Department of Physics University of Ottawa, Canada


Seminaire NanoSaclay

Mardi 18/12/2012, 14:00 

Salle Pierre Grivet, Bât 220, IEF - CNRS/Univ. Paris Sud-11, Orsay

Séminaire exceptionnel NanoSaclay :
Science and technology of modern permanent magnet materials

George C. Hadjipanayis

Sharp Lab, University of Delaware



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