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30/07/20 : Offre de thèse « ultrafast spintronics »  

Proposition de thèse, au SPEC ans le cadre du projet SPiCY, projet Flagship du LabEx NanoSaclay. 

Titre : Ultrafast spintronics

Résumé : This PhD work here aims at assessing the potential of new spintronic components at the picosecond timescale. It will tackle three topics. The first one concerns spintronic THz emitters in which spin current bursts will be studied in detail in order to unveil the relevant physical quantities responsible for an efficient THz emission. The second deals with antiferromagnets and their ability to be applied in new ultra-fast spintronic components. These materials will be manipulated using pure spin currents generated by ultra-fast demagnetization of an adjacent ferromagnetic layer. The last topic deals with time-resolved imaging of non-collinear structures subjected to spin current stimuli. Partners involved : SPEC (lead), UMPhy, Soleil.

Offre détaillée

Contact NanoSaclay : Michel VIRET, SPEC

M. Cavrois-desmier, dépêche du 30/07/2020


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