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Inter-GDR Workshop “Quantum and neuromorphic technologies meet” 27 November 2019  
Mercredi 27/11/2019, 00:00-00:00

The goal of the workshop “Quantum and neuromorphic technologies meet” is to give opportunity to the actors of these two, until now independant fields, to meet and exchange ideas.

The solutions to the challenges of neuromorphic computing may well be solved by using quantum neurons and the killer application for the existing quantum devices might just as well be neuromorphic computing!


A selection of quantum and neuromorphic startups will be present. The workshop will be followed by a networking cocktail. 

Organizers : Danijela Marković and Damien Querlioz

Registration is free and on a first-come, first-served basis: Registration form

More information on the website 

M. Cavrois-desmier, dépêche du 28/10/2019


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