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21/10/2019: Offre de post-doc dans le domaine des générateurs piézoélectriques flexibles  

18-month post-doc offer, in CEA/LSI- starting as soon as possible (January 2020 at the earliest)

Title: Post-doctoral position on the fabrication and study of innovative flexible piezoelectric nanostructured generator

Summary: New composites as PVDF have recently emerged as excellent candidates to fabricate flexible and small piezoelectric generators for portable devices. The present project will use the track-etching technique to nanostructure polarized PVDF which represents a new route for manufacturing nanostructured composite thin films.

After a first study of the piezoelectric material behavior with the dose, the post-doctorant applicant will combine both ion-beam and e-beam irradiations to i) nanostructurate the piezoPVDF films to fabricate PVDF/NWs composites and ii) increase the composite material elasticity. Another route of fabrication is also planned. The candidate will pursue the previous work done in our team by developing further nanostructuration designs such as interdigitated NWs architecture. At LSI, the candidate will have access to different experimental set-ups allowing notably measurements of the piezoelectric voltage output, magnetoresistance of single-contacted magnetostrictive NW to probe the local strain and static dielectric permittivity of fabricated materials.

Candidat profile: Doctor in Material Science

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Contact NanoSaclay: M.-C. Clochard, CEA/IRAMIS/LSI

L. Krzaczkowski, dépêche du 21/10/2019


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