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11/03/2019: Offre de post-doc dans le domaine de la corrosion  

12-month post-doc offer, in LPICM - starting 1st Mai 2019

Title: Graphene coating for corrosion protection of steel

Summary: The subject is part of the European project “DESDEMONA” between LISIS, IFSTTAR and LPICM, Ecole Polyetchnique. The aim is to study a new generation of protective coating based on nanostructured carbon materials to improve corrosion protection. The laboratories are particularly interested in studying the properties of graphene, deposited by Langmuir Blodgett or Doctor Blade methods, as an effective anticorrosion coating for steel.

The candidate will investigate the both aspects, materials elaboration and its application on corrosion, in close collaboration with the partners

Candidat profile: Doctor in materials sciences or chemistry or physical chemistry with strong background in electrochemical characterization.


English offer

Contact NanoSaclay: Dr. Fatima Bouanis, LPICM

L. Krzaczkowski, dépêche du 11/03/2019


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