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11es Journées d'EELS , 11-14 Juin, 2018  

NanoSaclay supports the organisation of the JEELS 2018 that will be held from Monday 11th to Thursday 14th of June 2018 at Porquerolles (France).

The conference scope includes:

  • Electron spectroscopies (EELS, EDX, CL, EBIC…) for materials science
  • Advanced instrumentation, signal and image processing
  • Low-energy excitations
  • Theory applied to electron spectroscopies
  • Toward new spectroscopies: complementary contributions from electron and photon approaches

For more information: dedicated website

Contact NanoSaclay: L. Bocher, LPS

L. Krzaczkowski, dépêche du 04/05/2018


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