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20/03/18: Post-doc position in C2N in solid state quantum optics   

A post-doc position is open in the Optic of Semiconductor nanoStructures Group (GOSS) in C2N Marcoussis, in the field of solid state quantum optics.

Summary: the project aims at performing fundamental quantum measurements on the spin system, and demonstrating multipartite entanglement between a spin and several photons. An important goal of such research is the development of deterministic quantum gates, to go beyond the current limitations of quantum computing with probabilistic gates.

The successful candidate will drive experimental activities in the solid-state quantum optics groups in C2N or/and lead the technological efforts in the development of the next generation of electrically-controlled light-matter interfaces.

Candidate's profile: strong background in optics with solid-state systems and/or quantum optics.

Detailed offer


L. Krzaczkowski, dépêche du 22/03/2018


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