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25/01/2018 - Recrutement d'un post-doctorant "oxydes fonctionnels - ALD"   

In the framework of the AXION flagship, a 18-month post-doc position is opened. The candidate will be a PhD in materials science, physics or chemistry, and ideally specialized in ALD. Offer from GEMaC in UVSQ

Summary: The main objective of AXION project (labex Nanosaclay flagship) is to endow the Paris-Saclay campus with a dedicated tool, namely ALD (atomic layer deposition) for the growth of large-area and high-quality oxide film on silicon wafers (2 inches).

You will be mainly involved in the ALD growth and characterization of perovskite oxides such as the multiferroic BiFeO3. With two research engineers, you will use newly purchased ANNEALSYS MC050 ALD/CVD equipment, develop the optimization of growth processes (ALD sequences, fast annealing, ) in order to achieve epitaxy on SrTiO3 and/or Si substrates. You will characterize structural/chemical properties (XRD - XRR, AFM, …) with tools of GEMaC, and XPS in collaboration chemistry ILV-EPI team. You will integrate studies of advanced properties with consortium teams of AXION project

Detailed offer

Contact :

L. Krzaczkowski, dépêche du 25/01/2018


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